The School of Archaeology, University of Oxford, is pleased to announce the launch of the website: Celtic Coin Index Digital (CCID). The CCID is an online archive that provides access to one of the world’s largest datasets of Iron Age coins in Britain: the Celtic Coin Index (CCI). The CCI has been housed in the […]

Ancient British Coinage goes online!

Iron Age Coins In Britain (IACB) brings Linked Open Data to British Celtic Coinage Ancient British Coins (ABC) is the most comprehensive reference book for the typology of the Iron Age coins of Britain. ABC catalogues 999 types of coins found in Britain from around the early to mid-2nd century BC through the 1st century AD. […]

ClaReNet – A new project on Classification and Machine Learning for Celtic coinages

Classifications and Representations for Networks. From types and characteristics to linked open data for Celtic coinages / Klassifikationen und Repräsentationen im Netz. Von Typen und Merkmalen zu linked open data bei keltischen Münzserien ClaReNet is a cooperative project of the Römisch-Germanische Kommission (German Archaeological Institute) and the Big Data Lab, (Goethe University Frankfurt). It is funded by the […]